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Our Rooms

El Pescador Rooms

Seaside Vista

 Just a Few steps to the ocean and close to the restaurant, Seaside Vistas feature one bedroom, living and dining spaces, and a kitchens. perfect for a family getaway

Grand hotel rooms

Be charmed by the large windows that offer a panoramic view of the sea and seashore. These stylish sea side Accommodations are the latest offering from El Pescador. 

Twin building rooms

Enjoy magnificent view of El Pescador’s swimming pool and the lush landscape of the area. Twin building Rooms are tastefully furnished with comfortable chairs, Situated within the Swimming Pool Area.

Beach house

The beach house has been designed for those who wish to experience El pescadors magical, romantic ocean view. Enjoy the privileges of living right before the sea shore by checking into our exclusive well-appointed and spacious Beach house.

El Pescador Rooms

Legacy rooms

Set within the canopy of the trees, Legacy rooms are the first few accommodations offerd in El Pescador. Armed With brick finish, the elegant colonial design promises a relaxing atmospere.

Power House

Power House offers cozy comfort and Loft Design. Where style and functionality are key. Uniquely designed, a study area tucked onto the mezzanine level, offers work space for working and creative minds.


Here you'll find yourself enveloped by the native atmosphere of the modern filipino Huts, relaxation, and simplicity. Cottages have elephant grass thatched roofs and a private balcony to sit out.

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