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Other Amenities & Activities


Create the simple days of summer pleasure by enjoying kayaking by the sparkling Ocean.

Love Boat

We can assure you that the scenery will be beautiful and experience the romancing water and the beach while riding to our love boat.

Swimming Pool

Inspired by the distinct essence of nature, the swimming pool area is the essential element in creating the ideal Vacation


Experience The Bolinao Sand, natural beauty and vibrant culture that make the Town of Bolinao such a sought-after destination.

Beach volleyball

Pump up the fun by playing volleyball on the hotel's beach; it is a great full-body workout under the sun. 


At the souvenir store you’ll find a large selection of gift items, souvenirs, apparel and sundry items to enhance your stay and get into the true spirit of the Beach vibes.

el pescador boat

A mobile water park that has diving platforms, trampolines, slides. It also has an outboard engine and exciting water fun!

water bike

Water biking is truly a unique experience, and one that is often filled with smiles and beautiful scenery.

convenience store

Stop by at our convenience store to pick up a snack, Grab-n-Go meal,or groceries to make your stay as easy as possible

flying fish ride

Flying Fish is the ride where we send the young at heart to serve their adrenaline apprenticeship!

speed boat ride

A ride on the speed boat is as entertaining as it is thrilling. The wind roars and the waves will splash during a wet and wild ride of full blast

Banana boat

Escape from your room and enjoy a banana boat ride in front of El pescador. A fun activity for friends and families


Handline fishing or trolling on the inner or outer reef for giant tuna or trevally will appeal to budding Hemingways.


come and enjoy the various sporting activities available at El Pescador. Stay healthy and active by playing an exhilarating round of basketball.


There's nothing quite like an outdoor grilling party. The sounds of splashing in the pool just seem to harmonize with the sizzling of the grill.

Tennis Court

to help keep those Tennis skills up or just have a fun game with friends or family.

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