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The El Pescador Resort Hotel is set on the beautiful Town of Bolinao. We are a family friendly resort that  offers vast ammenities from restaurants, swimming pool, Conference room, fully furnished room that are ready to embrace the individual or groups who are looking for solitude and relaxaition, or for the more adventurish person who likes to be active. 

El Pescador Resort Hotel intends to provide a serene setting for our guests to enjoy the splendors of the beautiful Bolinao coast. Each guest will be treated with the kind of attention that is reserved for family. When our guests arrive we want them to leave their troubles at the door and step into a world of Simplicity and Relaxation. 


We Are

Since the dynamite fishing was introduced after the World War II rampant blast fishing deprived the local fishermen of a decent livelihood until 1987. Bolinao Fishermen and Fish dealers association (BOFFIDA) took matters into their hands and decided to organize volunteers composed of ordinary fishermen that soon embarked into a successful crusade in stopping illegal fishing. These vigilante fishermen and their families where housed into a fortress like settlement called Pescador Village where the resort and the hotel stands today

Jesus Salvador F. Celeste the founder of BOFFIDA and the owner of El Pescador Village Inn and Resort in tribute to the fearless and victorious heroes who risked their lives in protecting the Lingayen gulf and the South China Sea against illegal fishing syndicates exploiting the marine ecosystem that the government failed to do.

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